How to Choose the Best Steam Cleaner

When it comes to buying a steam cleaner, various factors may influence one’s decision on the best steam cleaner for them. In case one is wondering how to choose the best steam cleaner, here are some of the factors to be considered when one chooses a steam cleaner:

Factors to consider when buying a steam cleaner

Weight and size

steam carpet cleanerThere are many different sizes of steam cleaners ranging from handheld to the big commercial steam cleaners. Each model has its different specifications on the size, weight, and dimensions. The size of the steam cleaner one goes for may also be influenced by the space available for them to store the cleaner. The ease of moving around it means that one may opt to go for a more lightweight cleaner so that they can move around easily.

Cost of the steam cleaner

The price of the cleaner to a greater extent depends on the size, model, specifications and even weight. Handheld steam cleaners are cheaper than the others. The models having a cylinder or the vapor steam cleaners tend to be pricier than others. However the pricey models tend to a lot, hence it saves one’s time.


Steam cleaners have other attachments that help in cleaning the different types of surfaces to have a clean home. Some brands give more attachments while some have to be bought separately. One should opt to go for a model that comes with the necessary attachments since it may prove to be an extra cost if they have to be bought separately.

Size of water tank

The steam cleaner can only produce the steam if there is water to heat it. A cleaner having a small tank means it will need several refills while you clean, making you stop cleaning in the process. It is necessary that when looking for the best steam cleaner,  one goes for one with a bigger tank so that it lasts longer as they are doing their cleaning. However, one should note that the larger the water tank, the longer it will take to heat up the water. Others have continuous refill since they have two water tanks that ensure that one can refill the other tank without having to stop cleaning.

Temperature and pressure

One should consider how hot the steam cleaner gets and the pressure it releases. Cleaners with high temperature produce steam that is drier but has a high pressure, which is needed for effective cleaning, since it cleans deeper while also killing more germs.

Noise levels

Steam cleaners generally produce noise. However, some models can get pretty noisy. In case one does not want a noisy cleaner, then they will need to shop around for the less noisy models. One may also have to read the reviews to find out what different users of the models have to say about the noise levels or any other concerns.

Ease of use

The light models are easy to use when compared to the hefty models. The larger cleaners provide deep cleaning. However, not all people can handle the big steam cleaners, so they may as well just stick to the light ones, which are easy to use.